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Tools of the Trade: Spindle Sander Review

Tools of the Trade: Spindle Sander Review

There are many tools that one would want to have in their woodworking shop. There are all sorts of saws, routers, drills etc. And then there are sanders. In particular, I would like to talk about the spindle sander in this post.

The spindle sander is a fairly uncommon device (a good overview here: http://woodworkify.com/sanders/spindle-sander/). The reason is probably that most woodworkers prefer to first spend their hard-earned money on tools that are more commonly needed. The spindle sander though does have a lot of applications and is considered by many to be an irreplaceable apparatus.

The whole point of a spindle sander is in its ability to sand curved edges and contours. This is something that is difficult and perhaps even impossible with other power sanders. It's definitely possible to do these things by hand but obviously they take a whole lot more time that way. Also, using a machine can often give you a more uniform result than when you are doing this by hand. This is because a machine will be spinning at a constant rate and all you have to do is keep the working part aligned while slowly moving it along the spindle.

A particular feature of most such sanders is that they also oscillate, that is the sanding bit keeps moving up and down in a regular motion thus evenly distributing the sanding force. This avoids oversanding and makes the sanding paper wear off more evenly.

So perhaps this tool is not one of the first choices that you need to get for your woodworking projects, but it is definitely a very useful tool that is often needed. Many woodworking projects become a whole lot easier when you have a spindle sander at your disposal, and take significantly less time. Before buying any machine it's a good idea to do some research which can be easily done online. Definitely have a look at some reviews and comparison websites to choose the best model for your particular purpose. Also read some blogs because avid woodworkers will often share their advice on using such machines for their projects.

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